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The CSUSA Education Team is thrilled to announce our very first Bright Spots winner!

Congratulations to Sophia McMorris, a 3rd grade teacher at Winthrop Charter School who has been implementing inquiry-based learning and seeing some great results!

A few members of the Education Team awarded the CSUSA October Bright Spots to Ms. McMorris of Winthrop Charter School. Her learners were so excited for, and so proud of, their teacher. Ms. McMorris received the Bright Spot award based on her submission revolving around inquiry-based, student-centered learning and community service. Her learners tend a garden, research how to best grow the vegetables, collect data, compare and contrast, and collaborate to make connections to their learning. The students have also decided to support a local fire department this year by donating the vegetables to them. The firefighters were so appreciative, and they have decided to provide lessons and help with the garden. When asked what inspired her to become a teacher, Ms. McMorris stated, without hesitation, “I was born to teach.” Her passion for teaching, and for each of her learners, is contagious. Click here to read more about Ms. McMorris’ story.



CSUSA Bright Spots is an initiative designed to encourage teachers across the CSUSA network to spark their curiosity and imagination. Each month, the CSUSA Education Team will be highlighting and awarding the best ideas! At the end of the year, the network of teachers and leaders will vote on their favorite idea; this educator and school will be awarded an amazing grand prize! These ideas might not only inspire other teachers across the CSUSA network but potentially thousands of other educators around the world!