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  • FortifyFl – Suspicious Activity Reporting

    FortifyFl – Suspicious Activity Reporting

    FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials. Quick and Easy...

  • Parent Handbook

    Parent Handbook

    Parent Handbook 19-20 CSUSA Parent Handbook

  • School and Office Hours

    School and Office Hours

    School Hours Elementary School Student Drop off/Breakfast – 8:00 a.m. – 8:25 a.m. Start time – 8:30 a.m. Dismissal – 3:30 p.m. Early Dismissal Days...

  • School Calendar

    School Calendar

    Download and print: 2018-19 Calendar (pdf) Accessible calendar: 2018-19 Calendar List (pdf)

  • Before-After Care Program

    Before-After Care Program

    Before and After Care is available onsite during the school year on a monthly basis. Before/After Care Hours Before Care: starting at 7:00am After Care:...

  • Meal Service

    Meal Service

    Nutritious free meals are available for children and teens 18 and younger at many locations throughout the nation throughout the summer while school is out...

  • School Uniforms

    School Uniforms

    School uniforms must be purchased exclusively from All Uniform Wear, and will be sold from their store located at 6211 E. Hillsborough Ave.e or online...

  • School Supplies

    School Supplies

    2019-2020 School Supplies ***Individual teachers may have additional supply requests at the Open House, and during the school year*** ***Please separate specials supplies from class...

  • Florida KidCare

    Florida KidCare

    Free or Low-Cost Health and Dental Insurance for Kids Your child and their siblings could be one of the 147,000 children eligible for completely free...

  • Dismissal Procedure

    Dismissal Procedure

    Car line map and dismissal procedures.

  • Getting Involved

    Getting Involved

    Parent Teacher Cooperative The role of the Winthrop Elementary & Middle Charter School Parent Teacher Cooperative (PTC) is to promote and foster good, clear channels...